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In Vyšehrad, we can find traces of ancient settlement, remainders of Gothic and Baroque fortifications, several Church buildings, and a national cemetery of significant personalities. It is also a place that offers magnificent views of Prague and Prague Castle on the opposite bank of the Vltava.

It is a mystery why a greater number of old written records on the first Vyšehrad buildings did not survive. The first written references can be found in the oldest preserved Bohemian chronicle. It was written by Cosmas in the 12th century, which was nearly 200 years after Vyšehrad was founded. Even these references are based on legends passed by word of mouth.

They say that Vyšehrad is more ancient than Prague Castle but in reality, it is the other way round. Vyšehrad is younger, though by less than a hundred years...

Starting point: Tabor Gate

How to get there: Metro Vyšehrad + 5 minutes walk

The Tale of Charles Bridge

We will cross and explore a true symbol of Prague – Charles Bridge. A bridge that gracefully combines the sublime Gothic style of architecture with the emotional charm of the Baroque. We shall stroll through a magnificent gallery of sculptures, the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else in Europe apart from Rome. It will be a fascinating tale.

Starting point: Křížovnické náměstí

How to get there: Metro (or Tram) Staroměstská + 3 minutes walk

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in the world. Except for a few short breaks, it has been the residence of the heads of the Czech state ever since it was established at the beginning of the 9th century. European history was made here; the castle was the seat of several emperors and the site of numerous interesting events. Moreover, the castle itself is a unique work of art featuring architectural styles varying from Romanesque to contemporary.

Starting point: Hradčanské náměstí

How to get there: Tram Pohořelec + 8 minutes walk

Jewish Quarter

Prague Jewish Town is one of the most mysterious places in Europe. Offering a number of truly unique historical sites, the quarter was home to many famous writers, artists, scientists and builders, but also to some very controversial figures.

Starting point: Old Town Square

How to get there: Metro (or Tram) Staroměstská + 5 minutes walk

Along the Royal Route in the Lesser Town

Royal Route used to be the arterial road of the city. So it is today, specifically its part in the Lesser Town running from Charles Bridge to Prague Castle. Originally, merchant buildings and churches were Gothic houses, rebuilt later during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Now you may find lots of famous restaurants and foreign embassy residences here. These places are vibrating by history.

Starting point: Mostecká street

How to get there: Tram Malostranské náměstí + 3 minutes walk


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