Prague - the city of a hundred spires

Baroque Church of st. Nicholas in Prague

Do you know that Prague is also called the city of a hundred towers? This comparison was made in the 19th century. There is truly large number of towers in the historical center of the city. First time it was calculated by a mathematician, philosopher and university professor Bernard Bolsano in the 19th century. His result? 103. In the historical center of Prague you can find now around 120 towers. Whole the city has around 1000 towers.

Some of them are accessible. The center of the Mala Strana district is dominated by the baroque Church of St. Nicholas. It is very impressive building from the first half of the 18th century. The church is connected with a bell tower. Its height is 79 m. If you have enough strength, you can climb it. Your effort will be rewarded by amazing view of the renaissance and baroque town...



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