Less known sights in Prague

All books and web guides about Prague are full of local world-famous monuments. Some sights are little known. What a pity. Let's look at some of them today. They are the oldest churches in Prague, small rotundas from the period of Romanesque architectural style, from the 11th and 12th centuries. Three have been preserved in the center of Prague. Interiors are rarely accessible, but you can see them from outside. The first is located in the Old Town, just 400 meters from Charles Bridge, on Karolíny Světlé Street (50 ° 4′58.19 ″ N, 14 ° 24′53.05 ″ E). It is called the Rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross and it was built around 1125.

Another rotunda can be found near Wenceslas Square, Na rybníčku street. It's called the Rotunda of St. Longina and dates from the early 12th century (50 ° 4′35.5 ″ N, 14 ° 25′32.29 ″ E).

The third rotunda of St. Martin stands at Vyšehrad, the second Prague castle. It was built by the Czech King Vratislaus II. in the third third of the 11th century (50 ° 3′48.89 ″ N,14 ° 25′17.55 ″ E).



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