Budapest - City of statues

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Have you ever visited Buda Castle? You would see there a Turkish tombstone, a turban of white stone. It is a remembrance of the last Turkish pasha who was killed at the age of 70 in a battle with a Christian army lead by  Prince Eugene of Savoy. The inscription on the tombstone says: “He was a brave opponent. Rest in peace.”

You can also find King Stephen I of Hungary, István in Hungarian. He was born around 969 and died in 1038. He was a ruler of Hungary from the Árpád dynasty and the founder of the state of Hungary; he was in power for 41 long years, an incredible period of reign at the time. Will you find statue of mythic bird Turul? Could help you, that rook is an emblem of King Matthias Corvinus :-) 

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Later you can walk around the Budapest and find a huge number of statues - Shoes on the riverbank - the holocaust memorial, Little Princess, Ronald Reagan etc. Don't miss pretty small details like worm on the wall above the river. ​



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